Chester NH 300th
Anniversary Committee


April 13th, 2020: For the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, under the emergency provisions of RSA 91-A, all meetings of the 300th Anniversary Committee will take place electronically via WebEx. If you would like to participate in this meeting, please send an email to to receive the invitation. All are welcome; the only reason for invitation-only is for security purposes.

The 300th Anniversary and Celebration Committee members are in the process of formulating the program booklet for the celebration. Items that will be included are old homes of Chester that were not featured in the 1922 or 1972 programs. Chester Street homes have been highly documented and recognized, but there are many older homes throughout Chester that have not been recognized. The 1857 and 1892 maps of Chester depicted most of them. An 1857 map is available to view in the foyer of the town offices and library. If you own one of the homes on the map and would like your home to be included in this historic document, you need to contact us at or call 887-3738. The 1922 and 1972 programs can be viewed in the Chester library.

1. We will need a current picture of the house. ( No snow pictures)
2. A short history of the home. People that lived there or notable person mentioned on the map. Any unusual character or happening of the house.
Example: Edmund Sleeper House: Built in 1730s by Isaac Foss. The house was bought by Samuel Bartlett, who is an older cousin of Josiah Bartlett, in 1742. Daughter Elizabeth Bartlett, married Jethro Colby and lived there. Their daughter Lydia, married Edmund Sleeper, inherited the house and the house remained in the family until early 1900s.
3. Submission has to be in to our committee by May 30,2020.
4. Homes that are over 100 years old will be considered depending on how many submissions we receive of the 1857 houses. If you own one these homes, you are more than welcomed to submit it.

Jean Methot, Chair
Jack Cannon, Vice Chair
Rhonda Lamphere, Treasurer
Judy Pepper, Secretary
Chris Hadik
Ed Stuart
Sue Rieter
Nancy Jolin

The Committee meets on the 3rd
Wednesday of each month at the
Town Hall in the Meeting Room at 7PM

We can't do this alone! We are currently looking for volunteers to help organize the events to take place during our year-long celebration

If you would like to be part of this celebration, please contact our Chairman, Jean Methot at

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